Services Tips for The Average Joe

Services Tips for The Average Joe

Certified Mail and Registered Mail, What’s the Difference?

If you want to mail something, then it is essential that you are aware of your options when going to the post office. It depends on the type of letter you are about to send, you might need it there before someone should sign it or a certain time and date. Since you’re about to send letters, you surely have come across of the terms registered and certified mail but don’t know anything about it from what’s their difference and go with which option you think is best.

The truth is, figuring out the differences between these postal services are crucial especially when it comes to knowing whether you’re just wasting your time and money or it is delivered at the right place and time. But don’t worry because that is exactly what you are going to find out in this article. This way, next time that you are about to send a mail, you know whether to use certified mail or a registered one.

The post office typically has three different kinds of service whenever someone wants to use them to mail a package or letter. If for instance that you’re sending a business letter or other important or sensitive mails to a business or someone, then it only makes sense that you want it to reach its destination ASAP and for that, it is essential that you have chosen the right method.

In this case, certified mail is a lot more ideal for it is designated as such since the sender receives proof of billing as well as delivery. In the letter, the person which it is address on must sign it otherwise, it won’t be given to them. On the other hand, when you use registered mail, the postal office does send it as well but also do the recording. To put it simply, it will be sent to different locations then, every office records the tracking of package or letter.

Those who’ve opted to use registered mail can maximize this feature as they’ll be given the option to track their mails or package over the internet. Because the sender is not acknowledging registered letter, it act as proof that it’s received.

Both of the said options may cost you more than using regular mail and both will have a different shipping period. It will make it easier for you to know your wants and specifics for sending the mail like for example, would you like to have tracking where it is at or do you need signature confirmation that it’s been received? So long as you know what it is you want, things will be fine.

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